Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Armed and Dangerous!

Well hopefully not dangerous... in June I went to Spouse Academy at Chris's work and they let us shoot several different types of guns.  A pellet gun that disperses tear gas, a semi-automatic machine gun, and a pistol.  I got hooked.


Chris took me shooting a couple times.  Since then I have purchased two guns and am thinking about a third.  Really fun.  Ally is into, too, but she can't own a gun in California until she's 21.  So she has to use mine for now.  She is a great shot.  She even beat Chris.

My first gun, a Glock 17 (9mm)

Second, a mini-Glock 27 (40 cal)

Watch out, people!

My Sig

Monday, September 15, 2014

Mid-Life Crisis

So Chris will turn 50 this year, and I will in 2015.  Where does the time go?  I'm thinking I will most definitely go through a mid-life crisis, and I think I will need this to pull me out of it... the new Mazda Miata.

Seriously thinking about it.  But not red.  Maybe blue.  It's cheaper than the Highlander we have.  It comes out in 2015.  The only thing is, in my old age, will I be able to get in and out of it with out an ejection seat?  Haha!

My Sig